Personal Training

There is much talk about training philosophies, methods, and methodologies. It seems that everyone has their own, which they devised on the basis of their own experience. They recommend such strategies as doing reps to failure to eliminate assistance work, maxing out every three months and worst of all, this might lead to injury or stagnant lifting. With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, I’ve seen a lot and have been fortunate enough to learn a lot as well. My style of training is based on methodologies and the science of methods or better yet, my fitness training is based on a scientific principle.

Training is not as simple as doing five sets of five reps, five sets of ten reps, or any combination of sets and reps. You must plan to obtain certain objectives. Increases in speed, explosive strength, absolute strength, and stamina are equally important.

There is no one program that works for any one person/athlete at all times or for all conditions.  This is why my methodology works.  I do not base my workouts on some cookie cutter template, a one size fits all program, or the latest and craziest fad.  My workouts are based on the latest sport medicine science and good old-fashioned hard work.  I firmly believe that each person should be given the priority and the best of all methods as they adapt, grow and change their bodies through exercise and wellness. I look forward to working with you and watching you maximize your full potential.  Experience & Work:

  • 15 years as a NFL/ NBA Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • 12 years as a Professional Personal Trainer and Nutritional Counselor
  • Cities I have practiced in:  (Houston, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chapel Hill, Raleigh-Durham
Fitness Philosophy: God blesses me daily to serve & motivate others through health, fitness and motivation!
Contact Details: Cell: 832-457-3022